"Out beyond ideas 
of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. 
I’ll meet you there."
  -  Rumi


In the service of its mission to support health, healing and spiritual growth, ICC offers the services of certified life coaches, body workers and other professionals trained in alternative paths to healing and wholeness.

MEET OUR COACHES & OTHER PROFESSIONALS.  Click on names to discover more.

Phone: 415-384-0953 (Office)

Phone: 415-342-3673 (Cell)

E-mail:  joycethomson@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 415-506-0291

E-mail: innerludecoach@gmail.com

Web: www.innerludecoach.com

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Chaplain April Hewes M.Div, MSW, CSW

Phone: (415) 256-9701 (ICC)

(801) 750-1191 (Cell)

E-mail:  Hewesgirl@aol.com

ICC Email: sananselmoicc@gmail.com

Phone: 415-259-8334

E-mail: mary@monetaryvalues.com

Web: www.monetaryvalues.com

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