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Energetic Self Defense: Going Through Life with Protection and Purpose Saturday October 26, 2019 9:30AM -1:00PM - $30

Protection and Purpose: Led by the Rev. Judy Slater, who, as a pastor, Certified Co-Active Coach, and Intuition Medicine Practitioner® is passionate about offering a variety of spiritual practices, creative arts, holistic healing techniques and fun into her holistic workshops just for you! You will learn beginning techniques in grounding, gifting back other people's energy and experience an abundance meditation to use daily. You will also participate in exercises aimed at discovering your deepest passion and purpose in life so that you can share your true self with the world and flourish in life. A labyrinth walk will be included if weather permits.


RSVP through email to innerludecoach@gmail.com. Please sign up early as group size is limited. Learn more about Judy on the ICC website or http://www.innerludecoach.com