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Jennifer Cortright, MA, MFT #35324

📱 415-713-1544

I am a Marriage Family Therapist and have been working with individuals, couples, and teenagers in private practice for 30 years.


My primary emphasis is on facilitating a therapeutic relationship where vulnerable feelings can be safely expressed. I believe that when every part of our experience is welcomed with warmth and curiosity, healing begins.


Emotional pain, when listened to with empathy, interest and acceptance, guides us into places within that are calling for attention and healing.


My professional training combines both psychodynamic and experiential psychotherapies. One emphasis of my work is to help people understand how the past is influencing their present experience. Another is to facilitate awareness of present experience through mindfulness and by listening to the wisdom of the body.


Symptoms of anxiety, depression and addiction can be understood as invitations from the psyche to explore our internal world with understanding and compassion. Psychotherapy provides a safe place for this internal exploration within a caring and respectful relationship.

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