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Joyce E. Thomson, RScP, MFT


☎️ 415-384-0953

📱 415-342-3673

Because I believe that true healing includes the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of an individuals being, I have chosen to study and include treatment modalities focused on each of these aspects in my professional practice. Each modality stands on it’s own and while I practice each modality separately, the training in all influence each other.


In psychotherapy, I work with individuals from a body-centered and family systems approach. Rosen Bodywork, while gently discovering and releasing physical tension and pain, also supports the client in releasing the psychological or spiritual wounding that is held in the cellular body and influences our health.


Science of Mind spiritual counseling looks for the beliefs that no longer serve the client and explores a more life enhancing philosophy. Affirmative prayer supports the grounding of that positive philosophy that we may live in it, daily.


My Marriage, Family Therapist training was at John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, CA, where I received a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Holistic Health. My bodywork training was at the Rosen Method Center in Berkeley, CA. My Spiritual Counseling license is through the Centers for Spiritual Living.


I specialize in working with childhood abuse, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, life threatening illness, grief and loss, and spiritual growth.


My mission is to support clients to reveal, heal and release wounding experiences and beliefs, which block their fullest expression of life. This, in turn, gives them the freedom to choose to live with purpose, adventure and happiness by discovering, honoring and celebrating their strengths, passions, joys and their unique talents and gifts.

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