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Rev. Catharine (Kay) Collette,

MDiv, DMin.

📱 415-453-5744

While a student in seminary, I trained as a Spiritual Director at the Mercy Center in Burlingame. My seminary studies, spiritual direction training, and the life-changing experience of being companioned by a therapist/spiritual director over many years led to a deep desire to devote my energy to companioning others. Spiritual Mentoring has been my passion and my calling for the past 25 years. After completing a Doctor of Ministry degree exploring the integration of spirituality and psychology, I taught in the Spiritual Direction training program of San Francisco Seminary until 2006. A longtime resident of San Rafael, and associate at our local Presbyterian church, I enjoy active church participation, a commitment to meditation, and ongoing interfaith relationships.  

Life can be difficult—chaotic, scary or just really confusing. As we explore together the experiences of daily life, gradually we discover a deep calm, trust, and wisdom in the center of our being. Some call it God, others Essence, True Self, etc. It’s not the word that matters, but the awareness. This process is an adventure involving the commitment to simple noticing, the courage to shift one’s perspective, and the willingness to include the wisdom of the heart. I meet with people one-to-one in my home in central San Rafael, usually on a monthly basis.  

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