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Rev. Kevin Omi, MDiv, DASD, MBA

📱 510-693-9998

KEVIN OMI seeks to create a safe and sacred space for people in which they can be their true selves and reflect on their encounters with the divine, however they name and experience it. He loves accompanying others on in their encounters with the sacred, especially in the wordless silence in which the True Director leads, whispers, and dances. As he moves into the full maturity of his life, his primary calling is to serve as a spiritual director and leader of contemplative practices at the intersection of Christian and Buddhist practices. He has a Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction through the San Francisco Theological Seminary. For several years he participated in the Mercy Center’s Zen meditation gatherings with Fr. Gregory Mayers.


He is on staff for the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation’s program for leading contemplative prayer groups and retreats; and is on the leadership team of the Pacific Center for Spiritual Formation. He has served three churches as a United Church of Christ pastor and served on a Committee on Ministry that meets monthly to support ministers in their callings.

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