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Rev. Kimberly Elliot is an ordained Presbyterian minister and Spiritual Director, who currently serves Fairfax Community Church (UCC) as their pastor.  Kimberly received her certificates in Spiritual Direction first through Mercy Center in Burlingame and more recently with San Francisco Theological Seminary.


Kimberly believes all spiritual paths lead to and from the same Source and her practice includes honoring indigenous wisdom and Celtic spirituality, sensing the Spirit of the Divine in all aspects of nature. Restoring the balance of the Sacred Feminine within spiritual traditions is also one of her passions. She has been an active member of her local Kabbalah Mystery School since 2001.

Through the practice of spiritual companionship she will help you listen more deeply to the voice and movement of Spirit within your own soul. She loves the ancient practice of spiritual direction because something magical, and numinous often happens during a session as you form a deeper connection with the presence of the Divine within yourself.

Kimberly Elliot, M.Div,

MA in Creation Spirituality, CASD




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