Laura H. Schwartz, MA, MSW, LCSW, Lic. LCS 18166

Phone: 415-388-4824


Each one of us is absolutely unique, bringing our own, individualized lens to the many problems and challenges of living that confront us in our personal and professional lives.

The combination of our unique personalities, and the specific events we encounter throughout our lives, creates the dynamic situations that bring us to seek therapy.  


No one escapes these challenges—no matter how we might try to avoid them-- but how we engage them is the matter of building an authentic and gratifying life, and it’s also the very heart of psychotherapy itself. 


Drawing on decades of training in somatic psychology, psychodynamic and neuropsychoanalytic psychotherapy, mindfulness and anxiety reduction practices, couples and family interventions, and conflict resolution and mediation, I approach each of my clients with respect and appreciation for their unique struggles, the courage it takes to engage in personal change, and the path we will build together in addressing their challenges.


My approach begins with building a deep understanding of my client’s unique situation and perspective, and integrating this with the clinical knowledge I’ve gained over more than twenty-five years of specialized training and practice.

From there, we explore together the mysteries of what is yet unknown, until we find answers to the important questions.


In addition to psychotherapy, I also offer organizational and leadership development consultation and conflict resolution mediation to nonprofit agencies and mission-driven businesses. 


My offices are in San Anselmo and North Berkeley.


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