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Lindsey Beaven, BD, MA, PhD, FAMI, MFT, Lic. 46826

Phone: 415-902-1304

E-mail: lbeaven4@gmail.com

Web Sites: www.drlindseybeavenmft.com

“A person’s experience … cannot be expressed in common labels. It has to be met, found, felt, attended to, and allowed to show itself.”   –Eugene Gendlin


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and supervisor working in the Jungian tradition, I honor the mysterious, dynamic relationship that lies between heart, body, soul, imagination, mind, and spirit.


I am a transplanted Brit, with a former background in playing professional tennis (10 years), working in marketing communications (22 years) and, since 2001, have been working in-person and by telephone, with individuals and couples of all ages as they grapple with relationships, family, school, career, fragile health, mid-life, spirituality, retirement, and elder-hood. When complex problems and emotions are difficult to express in words, music, imagery and the arts have proven to be helpful allies.


I view human nature not only as complex, surprising, and prone to emotional pain but also as wondrous, creative and miraculously resilient. I acknowledge and celebrate all that person is and might become. I seek to build a compassionate, supportive, and culturally sensitive relationship with those who come to see me, because people deserve nothing less than a one-of-a-kind approach to the miracle of their “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver).


I hold a PhD in Depth Psychology; an MA in Counseling Psychology emphasizing Expressive Arts Psychotherapy; a Bachelor of Divinity, and certification in Integrative Medicine and Spirituality. I also am a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery (FAMI). Please call for a FREE 20-minute chat.