Nancy Rhine, MS, LMFT, Lic. 51127, CPG

Phone: 415-378-6577



I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist who has been working with midlife and older individuals and families in Marin County since 2004. My experience has spanned working as a counselor for Marin County older adult programs, nonprofit agencies such as the Center of Attitudinal Healing, retirement communities such as The Redwoods in Mill Valley, and for for-profit case management businesses. Prior to my counseling career, I founded and managed several successful internet-based companies, including Women.Com, Digital Cities and PlanetRx. I have a background in physical health, as an Emergency Medical Technician, medic and health educator.


As an experienced guide and consultant for midlife and older individuals, I help them navigate and find their footing through the unfamiliar and often challenging territory of aging. I teach a wide variety of effective mood-management tools to decrease anxiety and depression including: mindfulness-based stress reduction practices; cognitive-behavioral skill sets; communication skills training and review; patient advocacy; and education about the common landmarks encountered in growing older. I teach workshops throughout the county focused on dealing with topics such as dealing with grief and loss, coping with change, depression, self-empowerment, ageism, healing family relationships, etc. My services empower and support individuals from age 50 to age 100, as well as their families. I offer in-person services in San Anselmo and in Mill Valley and on the telephone. I offer a free, initial 30-minute consultation.