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Ruth Schweitzer-Mordecai 

MA, MDiv, MFT 

In memoriam

With sadness ICC notes the death of Ruth Schweitzer-Mordecai on June 29, 2022.  If you are a current or former client of Ruth's, we wish you our deepest sympathy.  If you would like a  referral, please contact Dr. Sullender:


You can uncover your own unique spiritual resources and ground your life in that living Source. Attain freedom from old unhelpful patterns in your relationships with yourself, others and the Source. Find the joy and fulfillment you seek from a closer relationship with the Divine.


I teach practices that enable people to release their own inherent capacities for healing and growth through their relationship with God, based on our often hidden ability to love.


Areas of concern I work with frequently are fear and anxiety, spiritual challenges, relationship issues and transitions. I have worked extensively with members of 12-step programs regarding spiritual issues.


I have been a spiritual mentor and therapist for more than 30 years, working with people in various spiritual traditions. I’m certified in the Internal Family Systems method, was a student of the Diamond Approach for 13 years, and am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. 

I am the author of Spiritual Freedom: Healing Shame-Based Spirituality and various articles in the area of spirituality/psychology. I have masters degrees in theology and psychology as well as an M.Div. 

More recently, I have attended Wisdom Schools and psychospiritual gatherings, blending ancient methods with current knowledge in these two fields. I have been a practitioner of meditation for many years.


I work with individuals, couples and groups in person, by telephone and Skype. I teach classes and lead groups on a variety of topics. Please visit my website if you'd like more complete and current information.

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